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SHOOTER UPDATE: Cassidy Was on Gov'mt's Radar, Too

May 26 San Jose, CA Shooter Samuel Cassidy. While detained in 2016, he told officials of his angry background. He killed 8 at the San Jose railway shooting. (PBS Newshour, May 27, 2021) His suicide is the same MO of the jihad killings in the Middle East, the same as most mass shootings in the U.S. It is critical that the shooter dies to shut down the trail of evidence to Gov'mt operatives. Americans must demand audits of FBI & Dept of Justice transactions, and others.

Findings-of-fact Letter from VA Reveal Admissions of Non-conviction (9/19/08)

The VA letter is a findings-of-fact that contradicts the actual court records. For, if I was not convicted of a felony, then must I have been convicted of a misdemeanor? But there are no records of a misdemeanor charge throughout the court records and proceedings. So what gives? The finding-of-fact, in effect, is stating that I was not convicted. -- As I have repeatedly specified to the court, I was not convicted on Mar. 7, '07, and therefore, the court must pay my claim (for false imprisonment, the fake indictment, etc.) and expunge my record.