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        Twitter is again interfering with posting Cobble's tweets. These include not posting his recent posts, and posting false analytics. Twitter is also blocking of upload of .jpeg images. If elected to Congress, Mr. Cobble will push for requiring an "expedited Complaint process" for filing against social media companies. 


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- D-50 Barber Salon

By definition, murder requires the perpetrator to create the conditions for the killing. Burdette's DUI is only one condition of the other conditions created by management in Gov'mt.

MASS SHOOTER UPDATE: Cassidy Was on Gov'mt's Radar, Too

May 26, 2021 San Jose, CA Shooter Samuel Cassidy. While detained in 2016, he told officials of his angry background. He killed 8 at the San Jose railway shooting. (PBS Newshour, May 27, 2021) His suicide is the same MO of the jihad killings in the Middle East, the same as most mass shootings in the U.S. It is critical that the shooter dies to shut down the trail of evidence to Gov'mt operatives. Americans must demand audits of FBI & Dept of Justice transactions, and others.

The Equity-based Healthcare System (EBHS) - An Overview
Throughout 1993 and '94, Daniel Cobble approached Congress and the White House about Equity-based Healthcare. But Government, such as today, focused only on keeping premiums in the hands of insurance companies. Soon afterwards, U.S. Sen. Bob Dole introduced Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSAs) that are widely used today by small businesses and the self-employed. (Cobble was never given credit for his work.)
EBHS symmetrically pay claims from 1) policy holder escrows, 2) insurance coverage and 3) Government (HTF), so that payments are spread across three sources, instead of one. The policy holder seeks competitive pricing and avoids un-needed care from practitioners, since a claim is first paid from his\her escrow. This commonsense arrangement helps to minimize excessive care to reduce the demand and thus the cost of healthcare. Those who are prudent with EBHS are likely to retain equity from their escrow.

After your study of EBHS, it is critical that you, your friends, co-workers, and employer stay in contact with your elected officials; city, state, and federal. Don't just ask, but demand that preliminary studies be conducted on EBHS. Feel free to pass-out the EBHS flyer.
EBHS Overview

Similar to whole life insurance, the family (or individual) pays into an interest-bearing escrow account that remains property of the family, that's held and managed by the insurance company. If a claim is filed, it is first paid from the family escrow until depleted, then from insurance coverage until depleted, and then from the government's Healthcare Trust Fund (HTF). -- The family may protect against claims by practicing preventive care and safety mindiness, so that the escrow can grow as a savings account while insured.