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     By day two of having the virus I began blowing out the yellow thin mucus. It's been with me every since but is becoming lighter and less everyday. My body is finally ridding the virus.

     It would seem the medical authorities would show the "day in the life" of people infected by COVID-19. But when I blew out the yellow mucus I realized why it's not told to people. You don't need a test to confirm the virus. Just like everything else about the pandemic, it is smoke-N-mirrors to make money for corporations that worsens the suffering of people. It's not just Trump's absence of leadership, but virtually all the leaders colluding with the Establishment to trick people, to make them sick and to kill them. Then for this election season, you should vote all incumbent politicians out of office. All of them.


     After publicizing Google & Gov'mt are blocking my emails, this emailed image was finally allowed from my iPhone. These, of course, are antitrust violations of why Google and other tech companies should be broken-up. (See the Motion for Injunction to require zinc instead of vaccines for how zinc was removed from my diet.)

     I no longer have the nasty yellow mucus that has returned to normal. On Saturday, Aug. 29, I resumed zinc in my diet of which I believe has pushed the virus out of my body system. This is another way to rid the virus that Gov'mt is not telling people.

     I believe staying exposed to fresh air, alkaline water, good nutrution, and no caffiene helped to eliminate all other symptoms. The mucus cleared-up some but not completely until I resumed taking zinc. Going hungry and when consuming caffiene seemed to cause more of the yellow running mucus. -- I'm happy to report that I'm back to drinking coffee again.