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Request to Obey the Law
     The six attachments are Certifications from Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes certifying Cobble's six liens on the Commercial Registry record. They cannot be removed unless by Affidavit to the Secretary showing they are illegal. Otherwise, they must be upheld by the Courts. Judge Audra Ekerle is denying Cobble's appearance in Court to avoid the reality of ratifying these legally binding liens. She is violating the law and committing fraud by refusing to conduct her administrative, procedural duties.

     In fact
, Eckerle issued orders to null-&-void 3 of the liens referenced below, stating they are invalid, but without providing any such evidence or Affidavits to Secretary Grimes. Grimes has not followed the order, as shown by the certifications (in the PDF), because there is no evidence of invalidity.