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Letter to Pastor Kevin Cosby, Southeast Christian Church, & Canaan Christian Church
        It's apparent that KY Public Service Commission (PSC) and LG&E moved-up their decision-making process of approving the latest rate hikes application due to the Motion for Hearings filed by Mr. Cobble. In this way PSC is trying to discourage momentum of the petition drive that is still underway. PSC was scheduled to make its decision sometime in Dec. '2011.

        But this is not over. If the PSC does not grant the Nov. 9, 2011 
Request for Intervener Status, then the next step is to file suit against PSC and LG&E. -- Let Mr. Cobble know if you want to sign-on to the lawsuit. And please help to promote the ongoing petition drive. Today, you can start by sending in your petition. Thank You! 
Though the letter below is addressed to Pastor Keven Cosby of St. Stephen Church, copies were sent to Elder Dave Stone of Southeast Christian Church and Dr. Walter Malone of Canaan Christian Church. If community leaders do not engage the LG&E rate hikes problem, then Kentuckiana ratepayers will continue to be exploited by KRS 278.183. -- The letter informs these church leaders the statute needs to be re-examined.

 Note:  Click on the letter below and drag it to your desktop to open and
            print (.gif file). It prints as an 8.5 x 11 in. document.